DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel

VBA compiler converts VBA code of Microsoft Excel workbooks and Excel add-ins into binary code (native Windows DLL file). After compilation your VBA code cannot be copied or recovered and has the highest level of protection from piracy. A compiled workbook or Excel add-in file left with the original file extension and behaves the same way as original file.

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The DoneEx VbaCompiler transforms source VBA code into C-code and on final stage the C-language code is compiled into native Windows DLL file.

During compilation the transformation of source VBA code goes through several stages.
Stage 1. VbaCompiler parses and analyses source VBA code.
Stage 2. Based on results of stage 1, the product generates object code.
Stage 3. From the object code from stage 2, the product generates C-language code.
Stage 4. The final stage of compilation – the product runs C-compiler to compile C-language code into Windows DLL.

After compilation VbaCompiler removes VBA code from the file and substitutes it by external DLL function calls.
VbaCompiler works with the copy of original file, and keeps the original file unchanged.

Excerpt of original VBA code

Excerpt of original VBA code


The same VBA code after compilation.

Function bodies are substituted by calls of DLL functions.
Compiled VBA code